Life balance for the health of the company

Based on a salutogenic approach, our services aim to identify and develop the resources of the person and his environment, allowing him to develop health.

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Our services

Trained as an occupational therapist, our case management practice focuses on the interactions between people, their environment and their occupations.

Our objectives :

To promote and restore one's ability to act.

To develop the company's productivity.

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Health assessments

Interdisciplinary with treatment recommendations

assess the client as a whole person and make treatment recommendations to effectively coordinate conservative treatment and decrease disability

Evaluation of the Occupational Performance

determine functional capacities and guide treatment in collaboration with Dr. Norberg.

Workplace Analysis

with therapeutic education and treatment recommendations


ErgoCare Manager

subcontracting of case management in order to act quickly to reduce work stoppage and negative health consequences through early detection and efficient coordination of medical-therapeutic treatment

Medical fitness and therapeutic presence in the company

Either within your company or at one of our specialized centers, we can provide your employees with a fitness area and a customized prevention program.


Implementation and promotion of a salutogenic health policy

Through the evaluation of employees with health problems

Awareness workshop and conference

On musculoskeletal disorders and life balance


Implementation and therapeutic education

Our partnerships

Cas en case management
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