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The Rachis Clinic, your interdisciplinary team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, specialists in back and complex musculoskeletal systems.

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Your back pain experts

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Our method is adapted to each individual's problems and needs

Our goal is to maintain your autonomy

Our aim is to make you independent. That's why we work with you to help you rediscover a balanced lifestyle and the pleasure of movement. Your involvement and motivation to change are essential to the success of your treatment.

We consider your whole person

Our approach is different from traditional methods. We believe that your pain is multifactorial and therefore requires a holistic understanding that considers both body and mind.

Modern and scientifically proven methods

Our methods correspond to today's practice and are based on the latest scientific evidence that we teach.

The strength of interdisciplinarity

We are an interdisciplinary center run by therapists and specialists in complex musculoskeletal problems, including the back. This collaboration allows for a global understanding of your situation by including you and your referring doctor in the planning of your treatment to ensure its success.

We take time to do it right

Our approach and our sessions offer the necessary time to accompany you and we are committed to respecting your rhythm to enable your involvement.

3 Steps to new perspectives

Understand your problem

During the first appointment, a therapist will dedicate the necessary time to understand the impact of your pain on your life and identify your specific needs.

Create your own customized program

Each situation is unique, which is why we work together to develop a tailor-made program, adapted to your specific needs. We coordinate your follow-up with our various stakeholders to ensure your recovery.

Find a new life balance

We accompany you for as long as it takes so that you can rediscover the pleasure of moving. We want you to be independent and this will be achieved through the implementation of a new lifestyle.

Initiate change now

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Would you like to start an interdisciplinary rehabilitation to regain a functional back? Find out more about the Programme Rachis® in your region.

Do you wish to join our medical fitness center?

Would you like to start exercising again in a safe and motivating environment? Discover our medical fitness center in Lausanne.

Do you wish to promote health in your company?

Do you wish to ensure the physical health of your employees and promote a balanced lifestyle? Find out more about our solutions for companies.

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We are reimbursed by basic health insurance (LAMal) and are therefore reimbursed by your health insurance.

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Recognised and taught methods

We teach these new standards at occupational therapy schools such as the HES-SO and the Swiss Association for Occupational Therapy.

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