The Programme Rachis®, a springboard to a new lifestyle

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What is the Programme Rachis® ?

An ambulatory and interdisciplinary functional rehabilitation, dedicated to back problems.

Established in 2015, our approach is based around individual occupational and physiotherapy treatment and if necessary, group postural reconditioning. This treatment will allow you to understand your problem better, to learn how to move more effectively and to implement a new lifestyle.

Covered by health insurance on medical prescription.

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Steps to a more functional spine

Initial assessment by an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist

During the first appointment at the Rachis Clinic, we take time to understand the impact of your back pain on your daily life to determine together the best treatment options.

Composition of your program

We elaborate your program by adapting it to your needs and availabilities, then we coordinate it, in order to facilitate its progress.

Set up in your region

Our schedules generally allow you to carry out your treatment in parallel with your various professional and personal obligations.

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