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Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach based on current and scientifically proven methods, we help your patient to understand his or her problem in its globality in order to improve his or her living comfort.

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3 steps to refer your patients


Identify your patients at risk of chronicity (yellow flags) as early as possible and exclude red flags

Our objective is to maintain people in activity, limit work stoppages and act on the chronicisation of complex musculoskeletal pathologies. The earlier you refer your at-risk patients, the better the chances of successful treatment. You can use the Start Back questionnaire for this purpose.


Fill in the forms below or pass them on to your secretary.

In order to guarantee the quality of our intervention and the coverage of your patients by social insurance, it is important that we are in possession of all the documents before starting our treatments.


Help your patients understand their backs. We'll take it from there.

We will contact your patient to schedule a first appointment and provide you with a feedback.

The patient's autonomy by considering the individual as a whole is our objective


of our patients claim that the Rachis Program met their needs


of our patients claim that the Rachis Program improved their quality of life


scientific method in collaboration with universities and medical centers

* Based on an anonymous evaluation of all patients who completed the Rachis program.

Our work is recognised

Research & Development department

Research & Development department

In constant search of solutions and precision, we work closely with the Delta network, Lavey-Médical and the HUG

Recognised and taught methods

Recognised and taught methods

We teach these new standards at occupational therapy schools such as the HES-SO and the Swiss Association for Occupational Therapy.

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