Research & Development (R&D)

Innovation and improvement projects to maintain long-term therapeutic quality for our patients and to respond to evolving scientific evidences on back pain.

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Our R&D department is responsible for the innovation and improvement of our services and intervention processes.

With its transversal vision, our R&D promotes and supports the development of our 3 main departments: Medical, Healthcare and Consulting.

Guided by the concept of Salutogenesis, the purpose of this department is to develop innovative projects that promote the health and well-being of our patients.

The realization of these projects puts the spotlight on the promotion of Health Literacy.

R&D missions

To develop a decision-making algorithm

To develop a decision-making algorithm enabling high-quality therapeutic referrals for patients suffering from back pain in western Switzerland.

Discover Salutocheck

To improve services and customer experience

To improve the intervention and consultation processes of Rachis Clinic specialists.

To ensure the quality of our medical partnerships

To maintain the quality of our medical communications (interdisciplinary reports) with our medical partners.

To provide a structured database

To create, supervise and operate the Rachis Clinic patient database in a responsible manner.

Involvement in HES scientific research

To collaborate with universities (HES) for scientific research purposes.

Contribute to the learning of the future

To support Bachelor's students in their end-of-study projects.


Salutogenesis is a concept developed by Aaron Antonovsky that focuses on the factors that promote a person's health and well-being, rather than those that cause illness.

Health as an ill-being/well-being continuum:

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